My other sites and weblit:

Before Kliff’s Edge there was Eikasia, my epic fantasy adventure which began back in 2009. The story is still continuing, and is what most readers know me for. With it featuring LGBT romance, dark fantasy, and an unusual brand of humor, this story is my pride and soul!

My second web serial, ALP! is an erotic horror adventure about a girl who gets possessed by spirits in Japan. An ongoing story, it features BDSM, extreme violence, and other controversial themes.

Features exclusive polls, Eikasia artwork, and story updates from me!

My bizarre adventure tale about crime, magic, and fish out of water. (coming soon!)

My author blog, where I talk about my stories, the things that inspire me, and the things that distract me, too.

Like some of my art? Curious to see more? Go ahead and check out my DevArt page. It’s a bit inactive nowadays (I’m writing more than drawing) but now and again I upload something new.

Weblit and Webcomics

Web Fiction Guide: A Free Web Fiction Listing

THE ultimate source for free fiction online. If my recommendations don’t do it for you, this site’s vast library of serials, e-books, and complete novels will have what you’re looking for. Read detailed reviews, the latest fiction news, and chat things up with writers and readers in the forum. Awesome site. Look for Eikasia and be sure to drop a rating!
Dead(ish) by Naomi Kramer

The wonderful “Dead(ish)” by Naomi Kramer. A free e-book.

“Thirteen Bullets” by David Wellington. Probably the only other vampire story besides the unabridged “Dracula” I enjoy. Read my full review at Web Fiction Guide here.
“Carpe Arcanum” by Randilin. A serialized story that follows the students at Carpe Arcanum, a magical university hidden on the campus of a traditional university.
From the about page: “WebLit.Us is a clearinghouse for promotion and cross-promotion of web-based literature, weblit for short. If you write short stories, novels, essays or memoirs that are primarily web-based, and you want to get the word out about your work, you’ve found the place to share and pick up ideas.” Currently in beta stages. Join now and get in on the discussions!
All Things Impossible A fantasy serial. “An ancient war brews between the elves and the mythological chemmen. A young girl and her best friend are swept in over their heads for the ride just because she wanted an adventure.” A web comic. “Dark and terrible things stalk the blighted southern continent of Caevalonia. Sworn by blood to hunt and destroy these beings are the Daemonslayers, a trio of ill-fated misfits. Thrown together by fate Blackjack, a cursed black dragon, Shade, an Undead werewolf and Soul, an immortal half-fay, must rely on each other despite the vast differences between them. Only mutual trust and their sometimes tenuous friendship can pull them through.
The question is; are these outcasts really capable of turning back this darkness when they’re haunted by shadows of their own making?It’s hard to be a hero when you’re a monster…”

Lor and Jak are two little kitties attending Angel’s Institution, and the perfect students. At least, until they meet two strangers. This doesn’t go over so well.

Stitches is a fantasy/romance, manga-style comic, reading left to right. Features prominent LGBT romance. Stitches updates 2 pages per weekend. A Final Fantasy VII fan comic, or doujinshi. Started in 2006, prior to the FFVII Compilation (Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, etc). The creator, Enkida, was one of the writers that I admired most for her ability to create solid characterization and plot…it also helps that we seem to obsess over the same characters in video games! Growth Synopsis: “5 years after the game, Vincent Valentine, seeking rest, journeys to Cosmo Canyon for advice. What he finds is an unexpected adventure with Yuffie and Nanaki. Together they travel to the Northern Crater to find materia, answers and a reason to live.”

My Personal Recommendations:

    • Tales of MU by Alexendra Erin. (Fantasy University setting. Lots of magic. Lots of spanking.)
    • Addergoole by Lyn Thorne-Alder. (A contemporary fantasy tale filled with intrigue.)
    • City of Roses by Kip Manley. (Urban fantasy. Impossible to describe. Impossible to dislike. One of my all-time favorites.)
    • This is the website of the illustrious Meilin Miranda, a skilled and much loved member of the weblit community. She has two stories, one a sexy tale of intrigue and destiny called “An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom”, the other a fun and engaging romp of magic in the Wild West called “Scryer’s Gulch”. Both of which I’m reading, and both of which I recommend.
    • Altol’s FanFiction.Net Profile. If you like my style of writing, like Final Fantasy VIII, or Full Metal Alchemist, then please please read Altol’s fanfiction work. Her epic, Fire and Ice, probably was one of the most influential works I’ve ever read.
    • Enkida’s FanFiction.Net Profile. This is the same Enkida whose webcomic I linked to above. She’s a superb writer who helped show me the power of dialogue and the creation of plot through the characters themselves, versus just creating a stage and throwing puppets into it. She has a lot of fan fiction for different fandoms, but my personal recommendations are: Memento Vivere (Final Fantasy X), Morning Rain (Tekken), Growth (Final Fantasy VII, and the original story that the webcomic above is based off of), and Ain’t Like I Planned (Final Fantasy VII).
    • ErgoFiction Magazine. An E-zine for Webfiction fans.
      • Other Sides: Ergofiction’s first-ever anthology, showcasing the work of several independent, experimental webfiction authors!

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