Meet the Author


Illise Montoya is the pseudonym of Amanda French. She was born and raised in California. She’s married to an incredible Air Force soldier and owns two cats: Freya and Xena. She’s an expectant mother. Her interests include video gaming, film and animation, comic books, and of course, literature. When she’s not shooting feral ghouls or watching her favorite drama show, she’s either studying, spending time with her family, or writing any one of her ongoing free web serials: Eikasia, Kliff’s Edge, and Akumu Love Panic! Her zodiacs are the Dragon and the Sagittarius. She’s a proud brony (or pegasister if you prefer), she’s openly bisexual, her favorite color is red, and the Uncanny X-men are her absolute favorite superheroes. Did we mention she’s a geek?

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