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Kliff’s Edge is a free fiction serial about May Kliff, a freelancer who specializes in solving unusual cases. Together with her brother Max, she takes on challenges most fail to even comprehend.

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NOTE: I’m on hiatus! (No really! I planned it this time!) Please click here for details!

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Update Schedule: Every other Saturday. (GMT -5)

Written By: Illise Montoya

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal Adventure.

Rating: Mature (graphic violence, graphic sexual situations, and strong language.)

Current Story Arc: When Dogs Won’t Dig

Story Arc Summary: 

May Kliff is a genderqueer freelancer who specializes in helping others with strange cases. When she’s contacted by an animal unit to catch a dog who has evaded capture a remarkable number of times, May’s not sure whether to be insulted or amused—until she learns the dog still managed to evade dog catchers even after being hit with a lethal dose of elephant tranquilizer. Intrigued but still wary, Kliff takes the case, just as her misfit older brother, Max, turns up on her doorstep after years of estrangement. Setting aside their differences for the time being, the odd sibling team work together to investigate the case, only to find the truth is buried so deep—it touches the after life.

NOTE: I have no editor. No beta readers. Unlike other weblit authors, I post first draft work. Free is free, and if you wish to be entertained, then this is certainly the story for you. Thank you for your understanding.

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